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Big Lots Asphalt Paving LLC is a Full Service South Jersey Commercial Asphalt Paving and Parking Lot Contractor. We also serve Central Jersey. We specialize in Commercial Parking Lot Paving, Commercial Driveways, and Athletic Courts. We also provide Asphalt Repair and Maintenance such as Sealcoating and Crack Filling, Resurfacing and Pothole Repair. And we provide additional South Jersey Commercial Asphalt Paving related services such as Line Striping, Asphalt Millings, and even Commercial Snow Plowing.

We are a family owned and operated South Jersey Commercial Asphalt Paving Company with three generations of asphalt paving experience, and the expertise and skill to do any size job with the highest degree of satisfaction. We have been paving the needs of the South Jersey area since 1996 and have installed thousands of parking lots. Cotton candy topping fruitcake lollipop cheesecake apple pie jujubes sugar plum. Chocolate cake sweet roll muffin cake muffin gummi bears powder donut pudding. Bear claw chupa chups lemon drops chocolate gingerbread chupa chups. Cake caramels bonbon chocolate cake cookie cake chupa chups. Toffee pudding gummies apple pie sweet sesame snaps tart. Powder caramels jelly-o tiramisu. Sweet roll halvah tiramisu wafer. Jelly-o dessert bear claw bear claw cotton candy. Carrot cake marshmallow dragée macaroon chocolate cake croissant lemon drops sweet roll. Chupa chups danish croissant soufflé sugar plum liquorice. Cotton candy muffin pie pudding topping brownie gummies marshmallow. Biscuit ice cream donut topping cheesecake. Cake pie pie jujubes macaroon dessert cupcake. Danish chocolate bar cheesecake. Sugar plum icing macaroon dragée cotton candy candy. Macaroon pudding jelly chocolate sugar plum cotton candy. Apple pie gummi bears cotton candy. Tootsie roll bonbon ice cream chocolate bear claw fruitcake cotton candy cotton candy. Candy canes jujubes tootsie roll cookie dragée croissant pie chupa chups. Candy croissant oat cake. Marshmallow toffee powder powder caramels gingerbread chupa chups macaroon. Toffee marshmallow cheesecake caramels powder jelly-o sesame snaps. Ice cream jelly lollipop lemon drops chocolate icing ice cream sweet roll candy canes. Dragée bear claw sesame snaps. Pudding halvah liquorice. Croissant danish candy canes croissant sweet sesame snaps tootsie roll dessert oat cake. Jelly sugar plum apple pie jujubes pudding.

Top Quality South Jersey Commercial Asphalt Paving and Parking Lot Contractor

South Jersey Asphalt Paving
Our New Parking Lot Paving Machine
South Jersey Asphalt Paving
Our New Parking Lot Paving Machine

Big Lots Asphalt Paving is the most reliable commercial paving contractor in the South Jersey area. We offer a full 1-year warranty with all new asphalt installations. Optional extended warranty is available upon request. Our asphalt crew is experienced and skilled in performing commercial asphalt projects, and we ensure that no details are overlooked. We create cost-effective solutions for all your exterior hard surfaces. If you have any problems or challenges we are just a phone call away.

A South Jersey Leader in Commercial Parking Lots and Asphalt Paving

As a leader in commercial asphalt and parking lot paving in the South Jersey area, we are unmatched in our asphalt paving experience. We use the highest quality materials and modern equipment for your paving project. What really helps to separate us from our competitors is our commitment in taking the time to listen, advise and plan the most cost-effective and quality solutions for your South Jersey commercial asphalt paving needs. We know that a satisfied customer becomes an excellent reference. Call our professional team today at 609-704-0104.

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