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Big Lots Asphalt Paving LLC is a Full Service Princeton NJ 08540 Commercial Asphalt Paving and Parking Lot Contractor. We specialize in Commercial Parking Lot Paving, Commercial Driveways, and Athletic Courts. We also provide Asphalt Repair and Maintenance such as Sealcoating and Crack Filling, Resurfacing and Pothole Repair. And we provide additional Princeton Commercial Asphalt Paving related services such as Line Striping, Asphalt Millings, and even Commercial Snow Plowing.

We are a family owned and operated Princeton NJ 08540 Commercial Asphalt Paving Company with three generations of asphalt paving experience, and the expertise and skill to do any size job with the highest degree of satisfaction. We have been paving the needs of the Princeton NJ 08540 area since 1996 and have installed thousands of parking lots. Bacon ipsum dolor amet fatback ham cow, pork strip steak ham hock corned beef filet mignon sirloin leberkas turducken kielbasa shoulder. Pork t-bone tongue picanha leberkas doner. Pork chop short loin beef ribs, pig ham hock meatball picanha venison. Biltong hamburger burgdoggen beef meatball tenderloin. Flank pancetta leberkas rump picanha. Pork frankfurter strip steak, pork belly jerky tenderloin swine rump tail pork loin t-bone meatball. Pancetta flank hamburger strip steak tail shank. Biltong short loin porchetta chuck, cupim pig corned beef pastrami ribeye. Pork leberkas ribeye turducken sirloin biltong bresaola alcatra venison pig swine tenderloin bacon. Boudin sausage doner kevin, fatback ribeye picanha venison turkey swine tenderloin biltong. Frankfurter shankle jowl fatback t-bone spare ribs shank shoulder ham pork chop andouille. Andouille frankfurter jowl, chuck tri-tip chicken meatloaf shankle tenderloin short loin pork belly porchetta boudin. Pork jerky kielbasa, prosciutto turducken tongue doner brisket beef tail chicken sirloin. Biltong shankle burgdoggen drumstick ground round pork boudin andouille chicken capicola chuck doner ribeye. Shankle short ribs ham hock andouille picanha salami, ball tip turkey kevin pork belly shoulder bresaola sausage tri-tip cow. Kielbasa prosciutto shoulder ground round beef ribs bacon andouille bresaola cow shankle cupim pastrami. Sausage turkey buffalo ham capicola chuck andouille kevin.

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Princeton NJ Asphalt Paving
Our New Parking Lot Paving Machine
Princeton NJ Asphalt Paving
Our New Parking Lot Paving Machine

Big Lots Asphalt Paving is the most reliable commercial paving contractor in the Princeton NJ area. We offer a full 1-year warranty with all new asphalt installations. Optional extended warranty is available upon request. Our asphalt crew is experienced and skilled in performing commercial asphalt projects, and we ensure that no details are overlooked. We create cost-effective solutions for all your exterior hard surfaces. If you have any problems or challenges we are just a phone call away.

A Princeton NJ Leader in Commercial Parking Lots and Asphalt Paving

As a leader in commercial asphalt and parking lot paving in the Princeton NJ 08540 area, we are unmatched in our asphalt paving experience. We use the highest quality materials and modern equipment for your paving project. What really helps to separate us from our competitors is our commitment in taking the time to listen, advise and plan the most cost-effective and quality solutions for your Princeton commercial asphalt paving needs. We know that a satisfied customer becomes an excellent reference. Call our professional team today at 609-704-0104.

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